End of All Page 39

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4 thoughts on “End of All Page 39

  1. either my internet is skipping pages randomly or your comic has a major problem with skipping multiple panels of action and background and assuming the reader will just connect what happened between and understand what you’re thinking.


    • I would need to know what you mean first. Do you mean with Skylark saying that she needs to get to alliuma then we see her house and skyla says that she is too late?

      I suppose I could put “later at alliuma’s house.


  2. Wait wait
    they were just talking about the North Mountains, and then she says she must go to her aunt.
    Then she goes to visit Alliuma.
    I guess I can assume that Alliuma is her aunt but it’s still confusing and still nothing to do with the mountains.
    Also why is it too late in the first panel? Because her house is there? Because the two ladies in the second panel have already dressed down and stopped going out? Who are they even? Whaaa?


    • I fixed page 36 and 37, so if you refresh, it should make sense now. Alliuma is Oceana’s aunt. I fixed it so Skyla says Alliuma and Oceana’s aunt. I also put another narration square to show why the jump to Skyla running to Alliuma’s.

      Remember she sees one of those strange creatures. It tries to suck her out but cannot. She senses something bad is going to happen to Alliuma. When she gets there it is too late because she is mindless.


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