End of All P81

Please vote by clicking here. to see a special image of my novel Bending Nature: A new kind of Vampire novel.

If you enjoy this graphic novel so far, I think you will enjoy Bending Nature. It is professional published and is in Kindle, Papaer back and audio book formats.

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5 thoughts on “End of All P81

      • Oh, sorry! If some action or performance is said to have been “Raised to an art form”, it means that whatever it was, was so perfectly done that it was artistry in and of itself. When used sarcastically as I did here, it means that there wasn’t much worse she could have done. Calling the chief a liar to his face while gobbling down the food he provided, is kind of a case in point. 🙂

        I guess it was rude of ME to use a phrase that needed explanation. I apologize.


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