Aditi Reborn

This is my new graphic novel. It is almost finished, and will roll out every Saturday.

Follow the new comic at Please vote as often as you can. Your vote does make a difference. The vote button is on the bottom left of ever page on the new site.

Unfortunately, End of All will take too long to finish. It would end up being over 500 pages. Also, Aditi Reborn was written to be a screenplay and graphic novel, and is a better story.

If you have enjoyed End of all, I know you will love Aditi Reborn. Here is the first page.


2 thoughts on “Aditi Reborn

  1. Unfortunately. 500+ pages is too long. Aditi Reborn however is almost finished. Honestly, it is a better story. If End of All had gotten really popular, i would have hired more people to get it finished quickly.

    If anyone wishes to see how End of All finishes, I do have a finished novel that hasn’t been fully edited.


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